Balance in Motherhood

The day you become a mother, a lot of things change: your priorities, your personal and professional ambitions, your relationships…
If reconciling everything seems difficult to you, coaching will help you find your own new personal balance.

At every step, from the birth of our children to their adolescence and even beyond, being a mother demands constant compromises – and very often, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves.

Together we will talk about balance between work and family, about mental load, priorities, career, fulfillment, etc.

We will talk about you, who are a mother and so much more than that… 

We will talk about you, and about all the things that define you as a mother, as a woman and as person.

We will work together to define your own personal balance as a woman.

Our reflection and our work together will focus on:

  • Managing your emotions
  • Defining your priorities
  • Reconciling your personal, family and professional lives
  • Finding yourself again (self-knowledge)
  • Putting yourself back at the center of your priorities
  • Boosting your self confidence
  • Being more efficient