I met Stéphanie at the end of a long fertility process, which I was finishing as a single woman. By the time I contacted her, I was really demoralised. Then we started our video sessions (I live in France). From the very first session, I really appreciated her availability, her kindness and her indulgence. She also gave me exercises to do between each session which I found very useful and really helped me. She accompanied me every week until the end of the process and in the end, even if I did this journey by myself, I really felt supported. I really recommend you to call on Stéphanie!

Delphine (Fertility Coaching)

I was lucky enough to cross Stephanie’s path when I was in a lot of doubts career wise. Thanks to her wonderful coaching skills, she helped me find back clarity and set a new direction for myself.

Stephanie is very gentle, has wonderful listening skills and will ask you the right questions to guide your journey. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs support in defining (and getting!) what they want in life.

Cécile B (reorientation coaching)

These coaching sessions helped me a lot: the simple fact of being able to talk about what was happening to me relieved me of an enormous burden. I can now project myself into the future with positivity.

Each session went one step further to articulate my action plan, organize my ideas and thoughts, calm down my emotions and see my situation from a different and more positive perspective.

Talking out loud about everything I felt and was going through, to someone who didn’t know me personally, was the best decision I could make. Writing and reflecting after each session on the topics we talked about was also a big help: having that moment alone with thoughts and feelings is difficult to describe, but I would say it is really powerful. It connects you with your true self, with your “naked” soul.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the time you dedicated to me, and for your energy and patience.

Paola (Fertility Coaching)

The contact has always been very pleasant, and you have allowed us to express ourselves without ever judging us. You have given us tools to confront these complex moments on an emotional level, which we believe is the most complicated part of the process. Being able to carry out the coaching sessions together also strengthened us as a couple.

Thank you so much for everything!

Sergio & Maria Jesus (Couple Fertility Coaching)

At a time when I felt misunderstood by the medical profession, I had the chance to meet Stéphanie (from afar since I live in France and we did all our coaching sessions online).

I had been trying to get pregnant for a few years, and this meeting completely changed my way of understanding my fertility process.

Our sessions brought me more self-confidence and serenity and I felt I was really listened to.

The techniques used by Stéphanie allowed me to be more positive in my daily life. Thanks to this “teamwork”, I finally managed to no longer feel guilty for living happy moments with my husband. The difficulties of this long fertility journey are still here, but I experience them in a different way. I am more connected with my body and with my emotions.

Roselyne (Fertility Coaching)

Stephanie came highly recommended by a friend at a time in my life where I needed help finding my internal compass, and to get external direction in my life and career. I was not disappointed! Stephanie’s empathy and expertise guided our sessions, each building on the last with amazing reflections and insights. Working with Stephanie gave me the tools, and the confidence to make what I needed to happen actually happen, and I couldn’t have done it without her.

Laura (Change Management)

My sessions with Stéphanie helped me order my priorities, reflect on what I wanted and take the time to think (I am an impulsive person). It allowed me to understand what I really wanted to do.

Before the coaching process I had many ideas and aspirations, but nothing was really clear (desire to travel, to change position or even to change profession and sector- but to go where and to do what?). The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to stay in Barcelona. Coaching helped me organize my thinking.

What helped me the most: the questions that impulsed a profound reflection; the practical exercises; working on my key personal values ​​(independently from the others); looking always  a little deeper into myself.

Margaux (Professional Reorientation)

Moving to a new city or country makes you put everything into perspective. I started coaching sessions with Stéphanie one year after my arrival in Barcelona. Moving to Spain initiated a series of changes and questions, particularly on a professional level. In this new life and balance, I was having a hard time finding meaning in my work.

I was asking myself many questions: should I implement a career change? Or should I continue but work in a different way? What should I do?

The coaching sessions helped me have a clearer vision, highlight what was important in my life and make choices in line with my priorities and desires.

Stéphanie showed great listening skills and was able to pinpoint a hidden evidence. Sometimes it only takes one word, or one sentence and everything lights up!

Her approach is benevolent and above all very concrete. Our discussions were rich and effective. After 6 months, I still perceive daily the benefits of this work.

Thank you Stéphanie!

Cécile (HR Consultant)