I’m Stephanie

I’m French and I live in Barcelona.
I’m a certified professional coach (CPCC1 ), specialized in life coaching for women.

Why did I become a coach?

Like many other women, I faced situations in my life that made me question my priorities and look for a new balance: my own personal balance as a multi-faceted woman.

Moving to Spain 12 years ago

First to Madrid and then to Barcelona. Looking for an experience in a new country, with a different culture. And maybe, already then, looking for my own path.

My experience through assisted reproduction

Like so many others, I had to go through fertility treatments and assisted reproduction to become a mother – with all the fears, doubts and taboos that go with it.The first IVF process was extremely difficult, but after a while I finally found my own solutions to live the situation more positively and to take back control. I’m convinced that this has been a key factor in the fulfillment of my dream.


With its overwhelming joys, and with all the challenges it represents for the personal balance of a woman today.

My personal reorientation as a coach

The first 16 years of my professional career in Marketing and Communication in multinationals (L’Oréal, LVMH, Puig) have been extremely enriching, but after all these personal experiences and all I’ve learnt from them, I felt the need to do something that had more meaning for me.

This is why I trained and certified as a Coach at the American coaching school CTI (Coaches Training Institute), and have been continuously gaining new skills ever since, to accompany and support you with the best and most complete coaching tools: I am now also NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and trained in Skills assessment, a specific tool to guide you through your career change.

Coach profesional, certificada como CPCC

“Supporting women in key moments of their lives makes me feel useful, happy and totally in line with my values and priorities.”

It is all these experiences that led me to transform my passion into my profession:

Being a coach for women has a true meaning for me.


1 CPCC – Certified Professional Coactive Coach