Change management

Our lives are getting less and less linear – it is true for everyone, but I believe it is rue especially for women.
Whether it is on a professional or personal level, coaching can help you formulate and implement the change that yo need.

You want to go back to working, or make a career change…

You are experiencing a change of country or city and you feel a bit lost…

You need tools to face a life change with strength and serenity…

You feel the need to reinvent yourself, to do something that has a real meaning for you…

If you identify to one of these sentences, together we can find your own personal formula for a harmonious change.

We will work hand in hand, in order to help you:

  • Define your values and priorities
  • Identify your strengths and competences, as well as your fears and weaknesses
  • Identify projects that correspond to your personality and expectations
  • Formulate clear, precise and reachable objectives
  • Boost your self confidence
  • Work on a concrete action plan